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by Janet Schuch on Soluna Solutions
I marvel at my results!

Sheetal has a special gift!! I am grateful our paths crossed almost 2 years ago. When I met Sheetal I was exhausted from 18 months of pain from an SI joint that just didn't want to move. I used 800 mg of ibuprofen to sleep and exhausted my physical therapy benefit.  Today I am living proof that Sheetal and restorative yoga work.  Sheetal patiently worked with me and encouraged me to "push to threshold" and listen to my body.  The most amazing part of my time with Sheetal is her admirable ability to respond to what was causing me pain.  Sheetal doesn't have a cookie cutter approach, she has an individual approach. As I became stronger, Sheetal changed the routine.  When my mind got in the way of my progress, Sheetal delivered a message that helped me clearly understand the role my mind had in my recovery.  She lives and works mind, body, spirit.I sit and write this testimonial after running 6.5 miles yesterday and 3 miles today and again I marvel that I have no pain.  I could wonder if my mind cleared the pain or having no pain has improved my frame of mind.  However, I know it's my body, mind, and spirit and Sheetal has been incredibly instrumental in getting me here.  My monthly massage appointment with Sheetal is my reminder of her compassion, talent, and spirit.  I am so grateful and encourage others to believe that you can feel better.   Sheetal will help you. Do the work. You will feel better!!!

by S. M. on Soluna Solutions
Professional, Intuitive, and Respectful

I should have left this testimonial a long time ago, because I have been looking to Sheetal for healing and wellness for over a year now, and have never been even slightly disappointed. Before working with Sheetal, I had never received a professional massage. In fact I would have never considered it, until a therapist urged me to try it, because I was not comfortable with others touching me in any way. I found Sheetal via random "google" searching, and to my surprise, my initial experience was extremely positive and her professionalism was more than I could have expected. Sheetal's intuition is amazingly accurate, and she seems to have a natural ability to read people's bodies and energy to provide the best possible services. I have also worked with Sheetal for advice in yoga and essential oils, and I feel very fortunate to have such a great teacher and healer in my life.Thank you so much for everything you do, Sheetal!S.M.

by Judy on Soluna Solutions
Beautiful Synchronicity

Sheetal has an amazing ability to read others' energy! Her presence offered a loving and compassionate container at a time of deep emotional pain and growth in my life. The healing that occurred as a result has been indescribable. Her gifts are endless and she is so open and willing to share them with others.

I am and will always be deeply grateful for Sheetal, a true angel along my spiritual journey!

by Roger Kuhl on Soluna Solutions

That is the word I hear come up every time Sheetal's name comes up in conversation. And, she is Awesome. I started coaching and massage with Sheetal to complement my clinical therapy work and healing process. I have tried several of her massage modalities, had her assistance with developing my own yoga routines as well as general help with proper alignment in poses, and various guided meditations. While all of these "tools" have been extremely helpful the best service she offers is the one you don't pay for: Her nurturing, supportive, and compassionate demeanor.

Whether I was getting help making a pose feel right for my body, developing small steps to work towards my goals, just talking about philosophy, or just "being" with her expert hands in a massage session, it was her acceptance and understanding that made the most impact in trusting my inner wisdom.

Trust me and trust yourself. If you are considering her services (which we will assume you are since you are reading this) contact her. You'll see what I mean:D

Thank you so much Sheetal.


by Kim "Joy" Jones on Soluna Solutions
Healing Hands

I believe we can heal with our hands. The power of touch is subtle yet the energy our hands, our hearts can emanate and the healing energy we can share with others is significant. Awareness is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves and share with others. Thank you, Sheetal, for sharing your gifts and bringing awareness into our physical manifestations. With much love and gratitude, Kim "Joy" Jones

by Nancy on Soluna Solutions
Healing Partner

It had been quite a number of years since I practiced yoga. I had various health concerns (fibro, arthritis, balance disorder among them) that continued to grow worse over the years. When attending yoga classes, I needed so many props to deal with limitations that I would become self-conscious and frustrated. Then I made a decision and a plan toward healing. Sheetal was a major part of that plan and the rewards of our private sessions are innumerable. She not only developed a personal yoga routine for me (along with a CD and book) to practice on my own but also gave me encouragement, genuine care and understanding and a sincere commitment to be a partner in my healing journey. I am grateful to say that I no longer have many of the issues I had before and with a regular yoga practice am gaining balance—physically, mentally and spiritually. The biggest gift Sheetal gave me was hope and a sense of power to heal myself. Namaste, Sheetal!

by Arielle on Soluna Solutions
Raindrop Therapy

I am always looking for ways to relieve stress and I had come across raindrop therapy recently. I love essential oils and knew this massage technique would be right for me.... but I was having a hard time finding someone that knew how to do it! Until I found Sheetal! Raindrop therapy can be done using different techniques and I loved the approach she took. She really made me feel relaxed and best part was that I left smelling amazing! If you are looking to try something new, I would recommend trying the raindrop technique.

by Janet on Soluna Solutions
Pain Relief!

I had been struggling with sciatica for over a year and a friend suggested I try doing yoga with Sheetal, because it had helped her. I cannot say enough good things about Sheetal's patience and skill in guiding me to learn yoga. She was very sensitive to what my body would and would not do. While I still have some pain, her techniques have lessened it a great deal and I am hopeful that as I continue my practice, it will go away completely.

by LuAnn on Soluna Solutions
Wonderful Mentor

I met Sheetal awhile back during my yoga journey. I had a healing crisis that led to surgery. Sheetal helped me tremendousy with post op yoga therapy work. As a deaf yogini, Sheetal also mentors and helps me with my yoga practice physically, emotionally and spiritually. She gets a all 5 star rating with her personal commitment to me and with excellent follow up emails. She is very dedicated with her work and it shows with her follow up sessions and frequent email correspondences. Not only I gained a yoga therapist/teacher/mentor; I gained a special friend and kindred spirit-Sheetal.

by Joni on Soluna Solutions

I took a private yoga class with Sheetal as I have always been interested in the fundamentals of yoga. Sheetal not only helped me to better understand what I was doing but made sure I was doing the poses correctly. I am still able to practice what I learned through the E-book that I was given. Whether you are a beginner or more advance Sheetal can work with you at any level. She is passionate and caring about what she does and is a very special person to know.

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