Our Purpose in Life: To Be HAPPY!

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AMEN John Lennon… AMEN!!!

This quote may not have resonated with me as much 10 years ago, but today it rings LOUD & CLEAR!  I remember wanting to find my “soul purpose” so badly… wanting to know what my role was in this lifetime… how was I supposed to contribute to the world, etc..

Can you relate to any of that?  Perhaps you can, perhaps you can’t… and quite honestly, it doesn’t matter!

Because just as John Lennon suggests, our only true purpose in life is to feel HAPPY!  It doesn’t matter what our job/profession/title is… it doesn’t matter how much money we have or how much we donate to others… it doesn’t even matter how much we are liked or accepted by others…

In fact, it is often the pursuit of these very things that prevent many of us from truly being happy because we are too busy trying to fit a mold created by someone else (our parents, our friends, our peers, society, history????)

Now don’t get me wrong… I’m not suggesting we all quit our jobs, stop helping others, sit on the couch and binge watch TV all day (although a day of that may actually be therapeutic for some! 😉 )  Because if we’re truly honest with ourselves, being reckless, uncaring and selfish (with a little “s”) is not what feels good to most of us anyway.

What I am suggesting is if we just focus in any given moment on what makes us truly feel good (or at least better) rather than what we think is expected of us or what we SHOULD do/think/feel, etc., everything else would naturally fall into place….  The right people begin surrounding us while those that drain us naturally leave… the perfect opportunities present themselves for us to act upon… the many stressors of life gradually fall by the wayside and we are able to manage and learn from those that remain.

This may sound too simplistic or “woo-woo, hocus-pocus” to some of you…. and if it does.. that’s OKAY! 🙂  But even if you’re just a bit curious, I challenge you to try this:

Whenever you notice that you are caught up in a negative thought/emotion, PAUSE, BREATHE a few full, smooth breaths… and CHOOSE to think/say/do something that feels better to you.   Doing this over and over again shifts not only your perspective but so much more that you cannot even imagine.  And in any case, what do you have to lose by trying??!!  (Except unhappiness!)

I can honestly say that I am living proof of the success of this mindset which John Lennon so simply yet eloquently stated.  And for this, I am very grateful and very HAPPY!

Here’s to OUR Happiness,


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