“New Beginnings” for 2016

July FireworksYesterday, I was decluttering and reorganizing my personal space (something I like to do to welcome a new year) and I noticed a few of my old journals.  Of course, the urge to peruse them hit me and I began to do so.
One entry from 10.10.10 (Hmmmm…. interesting ūüôā ) resonated with me in that moment. ¬†It was a poem I’d written called “New Beginnings” and it was as if an echo of the past rang through loud and clear in the present. ¬†It feels like the perfect New Year’s wish for you so I’d like to share it here.
This is a day of New Beginnings…
A beginning where we release our fears and surrender our egos;
Where instead of doubting and worrying, we open ourselves to trusting and loving
We begin to flow naturally with the Divine Order by living authentically, according to our own individual Truths
We begin to get out of our own way by releasing our limiting beliefs about ourselves, others and our world
We begin to focus more on helping mankind, rather than only helping ourselves because we acknowledge that we are a global community
A beginning¬†were there is no “separateness”;
Where we feel the connection with each other, with all creatures and living elements as well as with the Earth itself
We begin to live with greater EASE, joyfully and effortlessly riding the waves of ABUNDANCE, GRATITUDE and LOVE that are all around us.
This is a YEAR of New Beginnings…
and whatever else you desire in 2016!!!


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