Breathe Your Way to Feeling Better!


I often forewarn my students and clients that I will sound like a “broken record” when it comes to reminding you to BREATHE.  If I had to choose ONLY 1 thing to do as part of my daily self-care practice, it would be mindful yogic breathing.  So it’s usually the first thing I recommend to those that have limited time or want to begin slowly to develop a daily practice of their own.

Our breath is the “bridge” between our minds and our bodies.  By learning how to harness the power of our breath, we immediately affect both mind AND body… this is what makes breath-work so powerful and effective in dealing with all forms of tension, stresses, emotions and even pain

Last month, I offered my new workshop BREATHE WELL, BE WELL:  Managing Pain, Stress & Emotions through Breath-work, Meditation & Mindfulness at Trout Creek Healing Collective.  This month, I’m offering it at West End Yoga on Sunday, Nov 23rd from 1:30-3pm.

And to give you a tiny experience of into some of the things we’ll discuss and practice at the workshop, I’ve recorded a short (about 6.5 minutes) mindful breathing exercise for you.  Play it from the audio link below and then I invite you to post to the blog to let me know your thoughts on it!  Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you at a future workshop… until then keep MINDFULLY BREATHING! 🙂

Mindful Breathing Exercise – Calming the Emotions

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