3 Key Principles for Good Posture… #2 Releasing the Shoulders & #3 Maintaining Safe Angles

My last post was about the first principle for good posture:  Engaging the Core.  To refresh… Strong spinal alignment begins with maintaining the natural lumbar curve of the lower back.  Too much curve (a condition called ‘lordosis’) and the anterior pelvic muscles experience congestion/constriction while the posterior muscles of the gluteals and hamstrings become overstretched and painful.  Too little curve (a condition called ‘kyphosis’) can create tension and hyperactivity in the posterior muscles of the body and weakness in the anterior muscles of the pelvis and abdomen.

We can properly Engage the Core by:

1. lengthening the tailbone toward the heels

2. activating the lower abdominal muscles

3. gently pulling the navel in and up toward the rib cage

This allows us to align the pelvis upright and hold the natural lumbar curve with a strong core.  Feel free to watch the video from my previous blog post for more review!  Again, it’s NOT rocket science!  It just takes some awareness, knowledge and discipline for ANYONE to experience good posture and the benefits that go along with it.


So here are the remaining two video clips – Releasing the Shoulders and Maintaining Safe Angles & Planes –  from my Yoga Essentials DVD series.  These are the foundation on which you can build good postural habits.  Please post any questions, comments or feedback… I’d love to hear from you!



  1. Sharon Havrilak says:

    Sheetal, the posture class last evening was wonderful. I learned things I can include in a daily practice. to help me with stronger posture. I have my mat next to my desk now, along with a blanket, and my breaks away from my computer will now include some of last nights poses. I am so glad I finally made it to this class.

    I will see you soon for a massage! Every visit with you brings gained openess and awarness!

    Thank you Sheetal.

    • Sheetal says:

      YAY! So happy to hear that you are applying your knowledge and committing to daily practice! That is indeed the KEY to re-training our mind/bodies to have more empowering habits. So GREAT to see you in the workshop and I look forward to seeing you again soon! 🙂

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