Open Your Heart! With a Heart-Opening Meditation

With Valentines Day approaching, I was inspired to create a little heart opening meditation that focuses on the heart chakra.  watercolor_heart

For those that may not be familiar with the chakras (one of the energetic systems of our bodies), there are 7 main chakras — 5 exist along our spine, one is at the “3rd eye” on the forehead, and one is at the crown of the head.

The heart chakra is located – yes, you guessed it – behind the sternum at the heart center!  It is the area that resonates the frequency of feelings such as love, compassion, self-acceptance and joy.  Throughout our lives, there may be times when the heart chakra feels “closed”.  When this happens, we may often feel as if we’ve lost the capacity to feel one or more of these emotions.

And even if you don’t feel as if your heart chakra is “closed”, connecting to it’s energy and “opening” it can bring us an even greater sense of love, compassion, self-acceptance and joy.  And who wouldn’t want to feel more of these feelings!  🙂

So I invite you to click here and experience this 9-minute Heart-Opening Meditation:

Heart Opening Meditation

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