Living with “AHA”!

As we gear up for the season of holidays and festivities, there is so much for which to be grateful and to look forward!  And along with that, there is also the reality of additional tasks to complete, meals to prepare, shopping to do, etc… which can potentially create added stress.

How do we prevent ourselves from riding the roller coaster of emotion during this time?  How can we maintain our “grounded-ness” and stay “heart-centered” despite the feverish energy that may surround us?

This Sunday 11/24 (TOMORROW!), I hope to help answer these questions during my Living with AHA! workshop at West End Yoga in Allentown.

“AHA” stands for ‘A’wareness, ‘H’onor and ‘A’cceptance… 3 key principles of any yoga practice… ON and OFF the mat!  On Sunday, we will explore these principles through movement, breathing, experiential exercises and open discussion.

And to provide a little more explanation of these principles, I’ve included here 3 video clips introducing each principle.  Each of these clips comes from my Yoga Essentials: Fundamentals DVD and hopefully gives you a taste of what we will delve into much further on Sunday!


HONOR Video Clip


I hope you enjoy the clips!  And if the material moves you…. you may want to check out my Yoga Essentials DVD set!  On SALE now for the HOLIDAYS… these DVDs make GREAT gifts! 🙂

$15 for one, $20 for any 2 and $25 for the full 3-DVD set… Contact Me to order!  ENJOY! 🙂


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